24th – 27th October 2014
Hosted by the Nelson Miniatures Club

Thanks so much to all the Nelson team for all
their time and effort put in to hosting the 2014
Convention in October – the weather was great,
the company of everyone attending even greater
… you did us all proud!
Over 200 delegates attended from around
New Zealand, Australia & Europe – ensuring a
fun weekend of display, workshops, trading and
‘miniaturing madness’ ensued.
The NZAME 2014 Convention Raffle-
a 3 storeyed Tudor House ( fully furnished )-
was won by Debbie Hoy


Plans are now afoot for the NZAME 2016 Convention –
theme ~
Hosted by your NZAME Committee & being
held in the beautiful city of Tauranga
( New Zealand’s 5th largest city ) at the
Classic Aviation Centre
Please join us for a look back into the special
years that formed so much of our society today…
the 1940’s.
We look forward to seeing you all there in
October 2016

NZAME – New Zealand Association of Miniature Enthusiasts began as the dream of several talented New Zealand miniaturists … who then diligently worked together to form this wonderful Association in 1980.
It has thrived and grown steadily ever since … becoming the ‘backbone’ of New Zealand miniature culture and a wonderful way of keeping talented and enthusiastic people – with a love for all that’s small – in touch and joined in a passion that reaches every corner of our country and indeed the World.

The aims of NZAME have grown over the past 35 years but its main objective stands – to promote the craft of miniature making and collecting throughout New Zealand and making it accessible to all those who are interested.

NZAME organises the biennial convention, with members and clubs displays open to the public.
NZAME publishes a twice-yearly magazine for members.
NZAME also run tutor training courses throughout New Zealand on a regular basis, training miniaturists in the art and skills required to teach and tutor others – thus enhancing the skills available throughout the clubs and indeed New Zealand’s entire miniaturing fraternity.

Miniature clubs have spread in abundance all over New Zealand with NZAME’s help.
There are now 24 individually run clubs operating throughout the country. Many of these clubs have members who are also members of NZAME.

Miniature making and collecting is an extremely fast growing hobby – not only in New Zealand but overseas as well.
NZAME helps to bring this amazing hobby to public attention with shows and displays, also its support of the clubs around New Zealand, both big and small.
NZAME allows and encourages miniaturists to find and use its facilities, contacts and information to enhance a hobby that is limited only by the limits you put on your own imagination !

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