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About Conventions –

What goes on at Conventions:
Once you have registered you will receive a pack containing all relevant forms to be filled out and returned to the host club. Once these are returned you will receive confirmation of your workshops etc, along with other information. Morning and afternoon teas are supplied, depending on where the Convention is being hosted and availability, sometimes you have the facility to order lunches and dinners all at very reasonable costs.
After arriving & registering throughout Friday afternoon, the weekend officially gets underway with a short opening ceremony on Friday evening, followed by an amazing shopping spree for delegates only. This is followed by two days of hard work for those doing some of the most exciting workshops. On Saturday night we have the NZAME AGM which is followed by a moonlight walk around the displays. Sunday night is Convention Dinner which will be themed, (more on that closer to the time).
Dress up or down, but you will have lots of fun! Monday is the day for the round-table workshops.
Majority of Convention also offer a ‘Mystery Bus Trip’ on the Tuesday,
for members to register for and attend if they wish to, a great way to see the hosting city after a busy weekend of miniaturing!

A selection of workshops are always available at Conventions and they take place throughout the weekend.
Many talented tutors apply to tutor at Convention and many of the workshops available will have some connection to the theme each Convention… but it is not a necessity.
These popular workshops allow the delegates to learn new techniques and they vary in size, not only of the scale they are in but also to the length of time required to finish or work with your tutor – all is advised beforehand but you must always remember to book in quick as many workshops have limited kits available and are held on a “first in- first served” basis.

Round-table Workshops
Another traditional and keenly anticipated event at Convention is the Round-table Workshops. Tutors set up to teach a project at a table. Delegates can move from table to table and select the workshop/s they wish to do and sit down, completing one project before moving on to the next. Projects usually cost around $10 and are designed to be completed in a short time frame and worked on at the table with the Tutor when purchasing.

Sales Tables
Every Convention has an area set aside for Traders and miniaturists to sell their wares.
You’ve heard about the “kid being let loose in the candy store” … well this is much better! Dealers and artisans from overseas and New Zealand reside in this area and many delegates come to Convention for the shopping alone!
This area is open to the public as well as to delegates throughout the weekend, although delegates get first pickings on the Friday night when the opening of the doors resembles somewhat the Harrods sale/stampede!

Exhibition Area
The exhibition area is full of miniature displays of all shapes and sizes that have been created by NZAME members and Clubs to display. Many exhibits are unveiled here for the first time. This area is also open to the public throughout the weekend and is what we are all about… sharing and showing the treasures we conjure up from the depths of our imagination.
A highlight for all delegates is the “Moonlight Walk” where all the lights are turned off EXCEPT those in/on the exhibits and it is like walking through a magical wonderland!

Meal Functions
The meals and dinners are a great way to meet fellow miniaturists and the Convention Dinner is always a special event. The delegates ‘in-house raffles’ will be drawn at the dinner and for this reason alone, it is worth attending. There is always a ‘table gift’ for delegates who attend the Convention Dinner and these always prove to be treasured souvenirs.

Raffles/Door Prizes
There is always a main raffle offered – with tickets available to members, their families & to the public (funds raised from this raffle help fund NZAME & these Conventions & members are asked/encouraged to help sell as many as possible before the Convention – with tickets also sold throughout the weekend itself in the Traders area for attending public to purchase), as well as lots of “spot prizes”for those delegates attending – drawn throughout the three days whilst the display and sales areas are open to the public.
Delegates have the good-fortune to be able to also buy tickets in the ‘in-house’ raffles available to delegates only and these are sure to delight any miniaturist.

Mystery Bus tour
The ‘Mystery Bus Tour’ is another iconic part of our weekend. Here delegates get the chance to unwind and see a little part of the host Clubs surrounding town and area.
This is sure to be popular so book promptly to avoid disappointment.

Goodie Bags
A longstanding tradition at Convention is the ‘goodie bag’ which (as a delegate) you receive when you arrive for registration. This is such a highlight of Convention. Many of the Clubs around the country take great pride in making a souvenir gift for the goodie bag, and it’s usually a quick scuttle back to the bedroom to upend the bag/box and ooh and ah over the treasures inside!
Traders/Dealers and other generous individuals and groups often donate items for the goodie bags as well.

We Hope To See You At The Next Convention!

NZAME Convention 2024
Convention Team Contact –
Workshop Contact –    ATTENTION:   Gina Cameron
Theme –
“What’s at the top of the stairs?”
Venue –
Massey University, Auckland Campus, Massey University East Precinct Albany Expressway, SH17, Albany, Auckland 0632
Date – Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th & Monday 28th of October, 2024… 10am – 4.30pm. Open to public & delegates workshops.
Delegates register at venue Friday 25th, Bus Trip Tuesday 29th

 Accommodation options close to the venue…
Here is a list of 4 close motel/hotels in alphabetical order for you to investigate
NOTE – distance mentioned to venue is from Massey University to the accommodation…

Albany Executive Motor Inn  ( 800 m )
15 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland
ph: +64 9 414 1156
(book directly with them & mention you are attending
the NZAME Convention at Massey for a 5% to 10% discount depending on your booking details)

Albany Rosedale Motel ( 1.8 km )
234 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland
ph: +64 9 415 1542 (attn: Jay on line 4)
email: albanyrosedalemotel@

Quest Albany    ( 1.2 km )
32 Kell Drive, Albany, Auckland
ph: +64 9 414 0024
(book directly with them & mention you are attending
the NZAME Convention at Massey for a 5% to 10% discount depending on your booking details)

Ramada Albany   ( 1.6 km )
9 Kaipiho Lane, Albany, Auckland
ph: +64 9 974 4568
(book directly with them & mention you are attending
the NZAME Convention at Massey and the code ‘CMU10′ for an amazing 20% discount)
You can use this link below when booking…[0][adults]=1&items[0][children]=0&items[0][infants]=0&promocode=CMU20&currency=NZD&trackPage=yes

Convention Workshops, Kits & Tutorials Available to Delegates –

Vintage Basket with Christmas Cards Vignette – Adelaide Cann

Vintage Basket with Christmas Cards Vignette –

Saturday Afternoon – Half Day
Scale: 1:12
Price: $55.00
Skill Level – Intermediate
Tutored by: Adelaide Cann
The Vintage Basket sits on a wooden Sofa along with items awaiting wrapping in Christmas paper; paint box, skipping rope and table tennis bat with ball
Items supplied ready made to create scene: Wooden Sofa, paint box, skipping rope,
table tennis bat with ball Paper Printed Kits with instructions will be supplied
for Christmas Cards and Christmas Wrapping Papers

Tutoring only at Convention/No kits available

Vintage Table – Adelaide Cann

Vintage Table –

Sunday Morning – Half Day
Scale: 1:12
Price: $25.00
Skill Level – Intermediate
Tutored by: Adelaide Cann
The Vintage Table is composed of Australian Pine wood, pre-cut and ready to assemble.
It features turned legs and twin working drawers.

Tutoring only at Convention/No kits available


Hall Stand – Pam Alexander

Hall Stand –

Saturday Morning – Half Day
Scale: 1:12
Price: $28.00
Skill Level – Beginner
Tutored by: Pam Alexander
Hall Stand with round mirror. 61/2 inches high x 23/4 inches wide x 11/4 inches deep

Kits available


Christmas Tree House – Jan Stillard

Christmas Tree House –

Sunday – Full Day
Scale: 1:144
Price: $80.00
Skill Level – Intermediate
Tutored by: Jan Stillard
The 3 floor Christmas Tree shaped house has an outdoor scene,
5 rooms plus a little train going around the top.

Kits available


Lady’s Library – Jan Stillard

Gentleman’s Library – showing size

Lady’s or Gentleman’s Library –

Sunday – Full Day
Scale: 1:144
Price: $80.00
Skill Level – Intermediate
Tutored by: Jan Stillard
Both libraries have a lit window alcove
and 2 lit display cabinets. A fireplace,
book shelf niche and desk are on the walls
with lounge furniture in the middle.

Kits available